Common classification of chemical hose and Teflon braided high pressure pipe


1. Cooling water insulation pipe

Water hose. It is mainly used for irrigation, gardening, construction, fire prevention, equipment and tank car cleaning, agricultural fertilizer, manure, industrial sewage discharge, etc. PVC and EPDM are the most important materials.

Hot water and steam hoses. It is used for cooling water of refrigeration equipment, cold and hot water of engine, food processing, especially hot water and saturated steam of dairy plant. EPDM is the most important material.

2. Drinking water supply pipe

Beverage food hose. It is suitable for milk, carbonic acid, orange juice, beer, animal and vegetable oil, drinking water and other non lipid food. Rubber materials are mainly natural rubber or synthetic rubber. Food grade FDA, DVGW a, KTW or CE are usually required.

Air hose is suitable for compressors, pneumatic devices, mines, buildings, etc. NBR and PVC composites, PU and SBR are the most important materials. There are strict requirements for the applicable pressure.

3. Double welded hose

Welding hose is suitable for gas welding, cutting, etc. Nitrile rubber or synthetic rubber is the main internal rubber material. Rubber on the outside usually consists of red, blue, yellow and other colors to show special gases.

4. Vent hose

It is used for the emission of hot gas, dust, flue gas and chemical gas. The inner glue is mainly thermoplastic material and PVC. Generally, the tube has a scalable design.

Material suction hose. It is used to transport gas, fog, powder, particle, fiber, gravel, cement, chemical fertilizer, coal dust, quicksand, concrete, gypsum and other solid particles. NR, NBR, SBR and Pu are the most important materials. The wear resistance of the outer rubber is usually high.