Water purification filter with ptfe hollow fiber m


Enjoys the reputation of the king of the "plastic" fluorine plastic, with its excellent performance in modern industry, construction, transportation, aerospace, and plays an irreplaceable important role of high technology, is one of the pillar industry modernization.

Fluorine plastic products after a decade of rapid development, has entered an unprecedented transition. In 2012, although the whole plastic industry has slowed the pace of development, fluorine plastics industry still showed a trend of steady growth of normalized. In 2012, domestic production of ptfe is about 64000 tons, an increase of 15.1% over the previous year, 5.6% of domestic enterprises. 2012 fluorine plastic processing enterprises ptfe resin consumption growth of 8.9% over 2011, ptfe products output grew by 7.1% in 2011.

"Twelfth five-year" period, the country's adjustment of industrial structure, the development of strategic emerging industries, has brought the development of fluorine plastic processing industry opportunities and challenges. To further implement the national industrial transformation and upgrading plan, enhance the industrial base of guidance and support, improve the capacity the ministry officially launched in early last year "special action" strong industrial base, in order to enhance the key base material, the core components, advanced technology and industrial technology development level. Of high-performance fluorine plastic materials of solar cells back composite fluorine plastic membrane, high temperature resistant environmental protection filter with fluorine plastic materials, water purification filter with PVDF hollow fiber membrane materials as a key base materials, was listed in 2013 industrial transformation and upgrading engineering key direction, strengthening the brought rare opportunities for development to fluorine plastic products.

Fluorite production in China accounts for around half of world output, the mineral resources advantage and broad market demand to support and promote the rapid development of China's fluorine chemical industry, also attracted many foreign well-known enterprise in China, participate in the production of fluorine resin, there are a lot of fluorine plastic products in the form of form a complete set to enter China. Despite the rapid development of fluorine plastic processing industry in our country, new products, new technology constantly emerging, however, Chinese companies want to in the fierce market competition, keep advantage, also must strengthen enterprise management, reduce energy consumption, following the path of scale, specialization, especially to strengthen the joint and cooperation in the same industry and related industries, to learn foreign advanced technology and advanced enterprise management concept.

A large number of foreign enterprises in China and then brought a large number of products orders. At the same time, China's enterprises in making toll fee should study abroad to strict management, improve the management level and production capacity, to form a win-win situation. Domestic enterprises should also through international BBS, such as industry, strengthen the communication and learning, understanding of the dynamic development of the fluorine plastics processing, promote the rapid development of fluorine plastic processing technology, lead to the development of upstream and downstream industries.

At the same time, the need to create a fair competition in the market environment of international cooperation, equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, fair competition. Need to maintain the market order, against unfair competition. Companies have their own advantages, is not only the competition on the market, is also a cooperation partner. Only do respect each other, complementary advantages, reduce technical barriers, to achieve fair competition.